Let's Go...

“Crap.” yelled Chelsea.

“Double crap.” replied Lindsay.

“Now what? We missed the bus and neither of our parents are home.” said Chelsea.

“I have no clue. We could walk to school. I mean it is only a few miles.” said Lindsay trying to think of anything that would help the situation.

“Guess that’s what well be doing. If we run some of the way we’ll be able to get there on time. Speaking of time, how much do we have before school starts?” asked Chelsea.

Lindsay pulled out her cell phone and checked.

“Well, since the bus always comes extremely early, it’s only 6:35, and we have until 7:19. So, we have about 45 minutes to get to school, go to our lockers and get to class. I think we can do it!” Lindsay said excitedly.

“Alright, well let’s start going.” Chelsea said while starting to jog at a steady pace that she new Lindsay would be able to keep up with. (Chelsea was in track and Linds wasn’t into running like her.)

“Wait up Chels!” yelled Lindsay down the street.

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