150 Ficlets = Challenge Bby!

woo! 150! i am soo ready to go and jog to the end of my street and back! im PUMPED ! but that means i’d hafta change and be ready to jog 4 miles. sigh. maybe later ;-)

ALRIGHT ! the best holiday of the year is here! and since kermitgorf already did a christmas challenge, we’re going to do the SECOND best holiday of the year!

can you guess what it is?

hahah.. no..


yes, the day where all the hottest shops have sales!! it’s like heaven! and since, i won’t mention names coughstovohobocough, some of you guys mock me for my obsession with it, i’m going to make you do a challenge for it!

SO! ur challenge is to come up with a story on how you imagine shopping in [insert clothes designer name here (ex. a&f, aero, hollister, old navy, ralph lauren, etc)] and the madness it would be over [insert article of clothing (or shoes! i love shoes too!) here]

so go! go and write! and while you do, i’ll be visiting HOLLISTER ♥ and then RALPH LAUREN ♥♥ and then finally CALVIN KLEIN ♥

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