The Face (Melia's Scary Challenge)

Maria saw the face for the first time while she was leaning out the passenger seat window of Charley’s beaten SUV . It was a dim outline in the clouds, vague but just distinct enough to make out a leering visage. The man on the moon didn’t stand a chance.

The second time, it was a little clearer – and a little more unnerving. She had just gotten into bed, and when she went to the windows to close the blinds, it had flashed just outside the glass for a second. Her heart jumped, but she managed to sleep.

Day Three. Maria sat at her computer, typing away at her new blog she had decided to make. She acted on weird impulses like that; the blog would probably never be updated after the first entry.

She minimized the window to take her icon’s photo with her webcam. Except, when she opened the window to take it, the face was in the background. Constant, not a flash. With a body. She shrieked a little and whirled around. Nothing.

Day four. Maria’s face appeared in Charley’s window, just for a second.

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