100 Ficlets Challenge. My Fourth attempt at a Challenge, Summerize Your Ficlets Journey.

100 ficlets. Woo! =D. I am supposed to do a challenge now, Right? Out of my three challenges only one person has entered. It is not your fault, they were just really bad. So instead I will just talk about my long journey from my first ficlet till now. You no what, that sounds boring doesn’t it? So that gives me and idea. Maybe we can actually make that fun. I challenge you to summerize your ficlets so far. You don’t have to do them all just the ones that had a series or the ones that a lot of people read or liked. For example:

I have had a long journey here on ficlets. I was a duck chasing a guy. Man that guy got what was coming to him. Then I was a love struck person, writing a love poem with all song lyrics.

Something like that. Make it creative. Now all of you are going to read this and say, nah. It was worth a try. If you do decide to do it, thank you! There probably will not be a winner since most people have had a longer journey, but we will see.

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