64k (250th Ficlet Challenge)

Good gods, I’m already at 250 ficlets?! Wow! Then again, with 2 Eplets (still trying to get that as the official word for ficlet series 20 or more parts long ;) ), I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Okay, so, 250th ficlet challenge time.

Don’t worry, Robotech_Master, no worries about rules infringements on this one. (Just teasing you, buddy! No offence intended. :D )

Okay, down to the challenge. This one is easy, and hard. We all know how difficult is can be to write a good story in the 1,024 character limit. Well, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a ficlet using the the 64 character minimum, no longer. And no filler text (ie big strings of periods) allowed.

I’ve tried it, myself, and it’s definitely not easy. But I have faith in you, my fellow Ficleteers!

As an aside, who can name where that is from? ;)

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