You're Not That Girl I Met In A Snowstorm

“Wes, you dyed your hair black. You hardly ever eat and you haven’t laughed in days!” Joe said, I could hear the worry in his voice.
“Joe, I’m fine.” I said, severely. “Go back to the sound check party.”
“You’re not fine.” He sat down next to me. “Listen to me. I know what’s happening to you is unfair and I know you must be really upset. But you have to-”
I interrupted him angrily. “If you tell me to hold on I’m going to slap you .”
Joe rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t going to say that. Will you just listen to me?”
I sighed and returned to staring at the water.
“Wes, you have to live.
“I am living.”
“No you’re not!” Joe cried. “Ever since you got that letter you’ve been acting so depressed.You’re not being the Wesley Robin I met in a snowstorm.”
I remained silent.
“Wes…I know you haven’t cried since you got that letter. You must want to.” Joe said softly.
“No, I don’t.”
“Wes, its ok to cry.”he touched my shoulder.
That did it. I cried the tears that I hadn’t realized I’d been holding back.

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