I sat down at Raquel’s computer and im’ed Tyler.

perfectkiss16: hey u.
ColdPlayFan08: hey!!
perfectkiss16: haha, happy to talk 2 me?
ColdPlayFan08: of course! i was just talkin about u 2 my friend.
perfectkiss16: omg! me 2! im actually @ her house on her comp lol. i was telling her about u… and we were wondering if u had myspace/facebook so we could see a pic =P
ColdPlayFan08: haha sure, i have a facebook.

He sent us the link and I clicked it. When the screen loaded, Raquel and I exchanged a look.

“Damn…” She muttered. “He’s hot!”

I just burst out laughing, her face was hilarious. “I know…”

perfectkiss16: yur hott ;)
ColdPlayFan08: ::blushes slightly:: thanks.
perfectkiss16: haha, sry that was Raquel… but… i agree ::blushes and looks down::
ColdPlayFan08: wow… ur name really suits u =D
perfectkiss16: awe thx!

“Your lucky you have him!” Raquel said.

“Yeah.. but he lives in Georgia!” I answered grumpily.

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