St. Peter's Hospital

My mom had rushed downstairs to see me. The doorman had helped me inside and I was now seated on a red leather armchair.

I wasn’t fully there but I did hear my mom ask the doorman about the last thing I had screamed.

“Who’s Tyler?” She demanded. I just looked blank at her, still recovering from the pain the had hit me like and oncoming car. “Answer me, young lady!”

I blocked her out. If she didn’t care about the pain I was in, she couldn’t understand the love I felt for Tyler. I turned my head away from her and glanced at the screen. An accident had occured just a block away from the restaurant Tyler and I had been at.

I focused on the words scrolling across the bottom of the T.V.

A young man was hit just a few minutes ago. An eye witness here told us he was trying to dodge a biker and jumped out of the way… into the path of a taxi. No one in the taxi was hurt, but the young man is being taken to St. Peter’s as we speak…

“I need to go to St. Peter’s!” I yelled suddenly jumping up.

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