Almost Home

“Dad! Will you please stop looking at me like that!” I pratically screamed.

“What? Oh, sorry honey! I didn’t… I guess my mind is in other places at the moment.”

“Well I guess that would explain the blank stare” I mumbled to myself.

“I heard that.” Dad whispered back.

“Sorry Dad.”

“It’s okay honey.” he smiled.

I still don’t really understand why I had to go to the Secretary of State that was like 45 minutes away when there was one down the street. Dad had said something about bad service, but I still don’t think it was necessary for me to go so far. Oh well, it doesn’t matter now… because I now had my license!!!

“Could you drive any slower Tori?” Dad was unusually anxious.

“Dad, I’m going the speed limit.” Actually I was going five over…

“Oh really? It seems a lot slower.” he commented.

“That’s because were finally almost home.” I said as I turned into our subdivision.

“What’s with all the cars?” I wondered out loud.

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