~The Nostalgia Challenge~

Hi, everyone out there! It’s a bright day in Ficlet land. Why? Because where I am a thunderstorm blew our ears out and there was not a single drop of rain.

True story. Anyways, I have passed 500 Ficlets, and since I hold a challenge every time I get to a new number, you can guess what this is.

Main Point of the Challenge

Today, I was listening to a piece of music that really reminded me of a game that I used to play when I was young…

So, then, the word ‘nostalgia’ came into mind.

Please, tell us about memories (be it yours or a character’s) and pack them into one ficlet.

‘Nostalgia’ is the keyword here.

Childhood memories, experiences, lessons, morals, things we hold dear (such as homemade apple pie!) all fit into the category.

So, whether this is successful or not, happy ficleting – and thanks if you enter! : )


P.S. As a small side note…could you guess which character I am in one of the series I’ve written? Only answer if you’d like to.

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