The Haunted House Challenge

Oh my stars, I’ve gone and published 700 ficlets. I’m actually at 702 right now (not counting this one).

Is there a limit to how ficletty we can be? Apparently not. Or maybe so – I haven’t been able to access my profile in a good, long time. What’s up with that? o-0

But on to the challenge for 700+ fics demands one, methinks.

We are in my favorite month, October. Not just because it’s my birthday month, but because of Halloween. I’ve always loved me a good ghost story, and that’s exactly what I want you to craft for me.

Here’s the kicker – I want you to research an actual haunted house and create a story based on it. You can use the internet or any text you like for your research, but be sure to provide the source in a comment for your entry.

Stories should fit within the space of one ficlet. You are welcome to enter more than once. Use lots of sensory details and pile on the mood – make us feel as though we are there in that haunted house!

The deadline? October 31st, but of course. Happy ficletting!

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