Ficlet the Meaningless Number, Challenge the Second

Now I just thought of another challenge, and I had to write it down before it escaped me. Anyway (and again, if I am woefully uncreative, forgive me), I was thinking I could give you, the ficleteer, five words. Not four, nor six, nor three, unless of course counting up respectively to five. You would then, if under the impression that you want to, write one ficlet integrating these five words into the story.

Your five words: kumquat, plaid, starship, ink, platypus

Points are awarded for originality and creativity, and how well you use the words in the story.

Everyone else (or the writers, as long as you’re honest), will write a note to me with the name of their favorite story and author in it. You may write and vote until August 19th (10 days from now). Don’t worry, if you vote for someone you like, then someone else comes along and you like theirs better, just note me again with the new favorite.

If I don’t get barely any votes (as the case will most likely be) I’ll rate them myself.

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