The Caretaker's Catacombs

Skulls. The corridor was lined with thousands and thousands of human skulls, staring at Grasshopper just as emotionless and emptily as the Caretaker had. Grasshopper suddenly felt claustrophobic; he couldn’t escape from this horrible tunnel. It could’ve gone on for miles, and the bones would be watching him every step of the way.

He gasped for air as the tunnel spun around him, bland colors swirling into eachother. He would never get out, the walls were closing in on him!

He stumbled along, ignoring the pain that burned like an episode of 24 was playing in his arm. Suddenly, he blacked out, greeting the darkness like an old friend.


Grasshopper was, yet again, finding himself in a room, wondering if he was alive. Blaring white lights shot down at him. He looked down. His arm had been bandaged.

But where was he now?

What was going to happen to him now?

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