Fond ,Flames Fond

“I’d like a martini, but don’t shake it too much please, thank you, your a dear”, the tall man in the tuxedo said to the bartender.

“Silvertoe will see you now sir,” said the large asian man wearing a silly black derby.

The dark haired man followed the huge asian man through double wide doors and into a circular room surrounded by large fish tanks on all walls.

” Zo good uff you to come , your name zir, i zeem to av forgotten it?”, said a bald man sitting in a chair behind a desk petting a hamster.

” Fond, Flames Fond”, he said with a straight face. Thinking to himself—‘why couldn’t Mumsy have given me a really cool name like Steve or Gary or James’.

“Vell Mr Fond,” Silvertoe said, ” I knew that you vould someday haf vound my hideout, zo prepare to die, muhahahaha”, he laughed an evil laugh that everyone told him was a cliche, but hey whats an evil villain supposed to do, chortle?

“Prepare za sharks ve have company”.

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