3rd Hour Band

3rd hour band. Chelsea’s absolute favorite subject. Lindsay had the same class, which made it even better.

“Hey Linds!” yelled Chels across the room.

“Hey, how is your day so far?” Linds asked.

“Boring. I saw you talking to Jake. Is everything umm, cool?” questioned Chels.

“Yeah he just asked me to hang out Saturday.” replied Linds.

“Aren’t we hanging out Saturday?” asked Chels.

“Oh yeah I totally forgot, I’ll tell Jake I can’t.” said Linds casualy.

“Linds, don’t do that! Maybe we can hang out tonight, or instead of having a sleepover we could watch a movie, go on a bike ride or something like that, I mean we don’t need the whole night to talk” Chealsea stated.

“Alright Chels” Linds said.

“Ok everyone get out your music, we’re starting with Joy.” Mr. Dudly told the class.

“Ok bye Chels, see ya at the end of class” Linds said while running back to the percussion stuff (the same thing Troy played).

“See ya.” Chels yelled back as she picked up her flute and piccolo.

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