160th Ficlet: Kermitgorf's Sports Challenge

My 160th ficlet. Time for a challenge!

I’ll keep it simple, a story about sports, any sport. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn sport any season, any sport. Challenge ends March1

It was time to pick a name for their soccer team. Coach assembled the girls and boys together, aged 5 and 6.

“Ok let’s gather round and pick our name for the team gang, any suggestions?”, Coach asked.

“The Bunnies”, a pigtailed girl said form the back of the group.
The others groaned like in Frosty when that kid suggested Oatmeal as the snowman’s name.

“Ok,” Coach said, ” Any other suggestions?”

“The Bees”, a dark haired boy said eagery. He then proceeded to make “Bzzzz” sounds , loudly.

“The Beavers, the penguins, the tiggers,” kids all shouted in unison, getting into the naming process.

“The Hawks”, a beautiful asian girl said quietly.

“The Hawks, that’s a good name Emily, “Coach said, “How bout that gang, the Hawks?”

All the kids started shouting, ” the Hawks” to the top of their lungs.

“The hawks it is”, said Coach.

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