Challenge: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Characters...

...maybe even 1,024 characters!

The occasion: I’m celebrating having written my 150th ficlet. I love being a ficleteer (Is that even a word? If not, why not?! :p), and one of my favorite things about this community is taking part in the many diverse challenges offered here.

The challenge: Take this picture and write a story based on it. I came across it as I was browsing through different pictures with the tag “random,” and it caught my eye. I’ve always found dolls both lovely and disconcerting, and I look forward to reading your entries and seeing in what unique and creative ways this picture will inspire you.

The rules: Entries must be posted no later than February 15th. If you have published a previous ficlet using the same picture as your inspiration, you will be allowed to enter it. Just post a sequel with the link so we can read it. You can post multiple stories, so feel free. As I mentioned, this is a community, so I welcome anyone that would like to help me judge the entries!

Good luck! =)

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