uselessness's LIVING DESCRIPTIONS Challenge!

Have you heard? Today is a very special day. It is for me, anyway. Because I have written two hundred ficlets since I started on this site one year ago! (To be exact, it was one year and two weeks ago to the day. Yow!)

So in celebration, I really hope that you, yes you, will enter my bicentificletal challenge. Please? It means a lot to me.

The theme for today’s challenge can be found in the hidden beauty that is all around us. Your task is to use the power of words to illustrate a scene that might not otherwise get a second glance. No dialogue, no plot. Just a description of the splendor of the ordinary. Make it profound.

The twist is that I’m looking for your imagery to come alive, metaphorically speaking.

Take the place or object that you’re describing, and through personification give it a beating heart. Show how the inanimate world communicates with its surroundings by allowing it to communicate with us on an emotional level.

Please publish your entries by April 17! I’ll judge the winners then.

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