The Out-of-Order Challenge!

Incredibly, I’ve now reached the big 500. This is all thanks to the many series I’m a part of with thebetweenspace, Never Explain, THX 0477 , NightMaiden, and Valley Fey/Pinprick, respectively (hope you don’t mind some shameless promotion there :p).

This is cause for a challenge, methinks. While I was watching Pulp Fiction the other day, I got inspired. Perhaps what I like best about that film, apart from the dialogue, is the fact that it’s “told” out of order. Only at the end are you able to piece the parts together. I’ve always wanted to write a story with a nonlinear sequence. I’m flirting with a couple of ideas but none of them have stuck yet.

So my charge for you is to write a series with a nonlinear sequence. Your entries should be no shorter than 3 ficlets in length, although you are welcome and encouraged to expand them more if you wish. However, your entries must be posted no later than June 15th, at which point I will judge which stories met the challenge the best.

Happy ficleting!

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