The Infamous Beginning Challenge -- 300 Ficlets

I was totally unaware of the fact that I had actually passed 300 Ficlets! But luckily, I logged in and discovered it.

So, now that the random moment is over (as every one of my challenges begins…) I’d like to initiate a challenge!

The Main Point of the Challenge

Try and write a Ficlet with the all time infamous beginning of :

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

I think most of the people on Ficlets (or possibly all of us), have seen Snoopy slaving over his typewriter, writing and re-writing this beginning over and over.

It can be funny. XD

It can be horrifying. O_O

You can make it any mood you’d like!

But, you don’t have to enter if you don’t want to. This isn’t one of my better ideas, but I liked the sound of it.

So…to those who enter : good luck, and happy ficleteering!

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