Cap'n Crunch

Over the next few days, I had grown as accustomed to seeing a freaky alter-ago apparition appearing as any girl can get.

He would always pop up in mirrors, so when I go to brush my teeth and my head comes back up from the sink, he’s kinda staring at me in this creepy way. But it’s no biggie.

I mean, c’mon. Most girls never have a boy following them around literally 24/7. Lucky, wasn’t I?

One day, as I was finishing my math homework, he decided to bring up that stupid perv again. I groaned. If there was anything I didn’t need reminding of, it was that. I had successfully stayed away from the internet for a week, but he insisted that the kid was still “stalking” me. I had never seen some stranger looking through windows, or anything. It was weird.

So I decided to check. Sure enough, as soon as I turned on my computer screen, about fifty thousand IMs awaited me.

?: Stop ignoring me.

?: I seeee you…

or even:

?: Mmm, Cap’n Crunch.

I had eaten Cap’n Crunch that morning!

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