Stories Tagged With: "feelings" (123)

  1. Time Gone By

    Author: horrorfan13

    Published May 15th, 2007

  2. They only come out at night

    Author: Darleen

    Published June 27th, 2007

  3. Can You Help Me with My Frustration?

    Author: Ms Kit Kat

    Published June 29th, 2007

  4. Feel this

    Author: SunEyedGirl

    Published July 2nd, 2007

  5. Emotions

    Author: WordsOfALadi

    Published July 30th, 2007

  6. A Flower

    Author: Amaster

    Published August 9th, 2007

  7. The Whole Truth

    Author: [pens&feathers]

    Published September 2nd, 2007

  8. I Almost Feel Like Crying

    Author: someday_93

    Published October 1st, 2007

  9. Stupid, selfish...

    Author: THX 0477

    Published October 8th, 2007

  10. Not Yet A Bright And Free Brick

    Author: artistsrunwild

    Published October 26th, 2007

  11. Promise Not

    Author: Blossom Ruoquen

    Published November 3rd, 2007

  12. What Do You Do?

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published November 4th, 2007

  13. Burn, Boy, Burn

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published November 6th, 2007

  14. The Human Touch

    Author: DreamGhost

    Published November 13th, 2007

  15. Accidents Happen

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published November 18th, 2007


    Author: Freedom

    Published November 19th, 2007

  17. Entering the Realm

    Author: realities

    Published November 20th, 2007

  18. Run

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published November 21st, 2007

  19. His Reply

    Author: lost_at_sea

    Published November 22nd, 2007

  20. Scattered Thoughts

    Author: Misheru O'ku

    Published November 24th, 2007

  21. Love's Denile

    Author: Brebelles

    Published November 27th, 2007

  22. Feelings & Imagination

    Author: Leave Me A Note

    Published December 1st, 2007

  23. How Do I Feel Today?

    Author: Leave Me A Note

    Published December 2nd, 2007

  24. Fritz and Zooey: Fritz Harrington Must Die

    Author: Nouvelle Bardot

    Published December 6th, 2007

  25. I Love Myself

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published December 6th, 2007

  26. Five Realisations

    Author: artistsrunwild

    Published December 26th, 2007

  27. Inspiration

    Author: Leave Me A Note

    Published December 30th, 2007

  28. Could, Want, Wish

    Author: Leave Me A Note

    Published December 30th, 2007

  29. Poem - 2 B Yung + In Lyke

    Author: DOGScare Me JK

    Published January 2nd, 2008

  30. 5 things

    Author: The Ghost in the Machine

    Published January 5th, 2008

  31. I Think I Lyke Hym...

    Author: DOGScare Me JK

    Published January 11th, 2008

  32. This Faith of Mine

    Author: emma jo_234

    Published January 11th, 2008

  33. Running, But Not Fast Enough

    Author: someday_93

    Published January 12th, 2008

  34. Something Happened

    Author: DOGScare Me JK

    Published January 15th, 2008

  35. She's not happy he's gone

    Author: madwriter108

    Published February 11th, 2008

  36. Looks... Y do they matter

    Author: Quarter Step

    Published February 19th, 2008

  37. GET OUT Part 3 (New Beginnings Series)

    Author: Ms Pixy Stik

    Published February 20th, 2008


    Author: Never Explain

    Published February 26th, 2008

  39. Pavement

    Author: Never Explain

    Published February 27th, 2008

  40. Drifting Apart (I Miss You Challenge)

    Author: [pens&feathers]

    Published March 9th, 2008

  41. He Has A Name Jake (New School)

    Author: butterflygirl6106

    Published March 12th, 2008

  42. On the Second Law of Thermodynamics

    Author: [pens&feathers]

    Published March 17th, 2008

  43. Oh, and by the Way...

    Author: Stovohobo

    Published March 31st, 2008

  44. In The Way.

    Author: You Know You Love Mee!

    Published April 1st, 2008

  45. Afterglow [poem]

    Author: ♠Ana Cristina♥

    Published April 15th, 2008

  46. Reality

    Author: beautyfulmind

    Published April 22nd, 2008