We-ell. I’m crazy. You may’ve already known that, but I’m crazy in a good way. Nothing else to say about me, so I’ll just say if you want to sequel or prequel a story of mine, go right ahead. I have no objections, but if you want to start a series….. Send a note. I mostly use first person, sometimes third (used to use third person ALL the time, got bored), and lots of my little fantasies are from the animal’s point of view. But, you should be warned, some of my tales are a bit gruesome…

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I don’t come in until much later in the story, but you wouldn’t understand it unless you read the whole thing. A terrifying event is sweeping the country, that can only be titled as.. control.
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Teenagers- – - Supernaturals
Just a bunch of teenagers that are supernaturals.. Werewolves, vampires, magicians, imps… You think you know them? Think again, human.

Dead Works

Fugitive Wolves
The population of the wolves has undertaken a devastating blow… Now there are few left whom are wild, and those who are left wild are being hunted.. Like Karlin. But what happens when they are caught? Only they know for sure.

No Such Thing As Too Much Fun
It’s a long title, but the real titles are quite short. But in this tale, a tame horse named Banshee, who has always longed to be free, may actually get her chance when a terrible accident happens…

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