i’m quiet and shy when we first meet.
i lived in a bubble, that my friend popped.
i do miss my bubble.
i have no sense of direction.
i’m obbsessed with a boy named burberry.
and my friends make fun of me for it.
i’m a band geek.
i starve myself.
i’m a freshman.
i have four best friends that i trust, and only four.
i’m different, medically.
i’m obbsessive complusive.
and i get abused by my friends because of it.
i’m short.
and get abused for that too.
i’m a football cheerleader.
i’m in love with the old man at our football games.
he’s amazing.
my friends love him too.
i hate capital letters, they bother me.
i don’t know why, they just do.
i chew yougurt.
i get abused for that too, all the time.
i find it very funny.
i laugh at my embarrasement.
it’s a little weird.
i miss the guy in the green toyota.
i love him.
i tried to cut my pizza crust with a fork once.
my parents don’t let me forget it.
i don’t really think it’s that funny.
i’m petrified of mirrors.
i think that one day my cell phone will explode.
i love the movies disturbia, and prom night.
i’m confused.
about everything.

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