I love Harry Potter,band,chior,music is my life,my friends are insainly crazy but I love them. I love my SHINY!!! trumpet!!I love all my friends like bro’s and sis’s they are the best,they’re always there when i need them.I love my amazing boyfriend Cody!!!!!

My favorites:

Favorite food:Anything chocolate!!

Favorite color:GREEN!!

Favorite movie:The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite music style:80s Rock

Favorite Subject:Band,Choir…..duh!

Favorite Series:Twilight and Harry Potter…I like them equally.

Favorite series I’ve writen:Narsella Kingston

Favorite saying:Seriously? I usually say this to people who annoy me in French or anywhere really.

Favorite animal: Panda!!!! They’re so cute!

My Best Friends: Tala,Remus,Twitch,Whinney, And Ofabba

What I’m like: I am a three year old in a teenagers body. I love elmo,he’s so cute and Care Bears too. I’m scene, for those of you that don’t know what that is… you dress how you want to, normally crazy outrageous things like colored pants and often zebra print. I wear green pants a lot and I have a zebra print Fedora!

This is all I can think about to tell you…if you want to know more send me a message… much love…PEACE OUT!!

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