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Now to start the long journey to 200…

New Head Over Heals Challenge is up! This one’s a bit random and kind of just came to me in the middle of asking a question. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Woo! I made it to the most actice authors list! Thanks commenting :) Check out the people who really deserve to be on the list here…

Hello everyone! I like to write. I guess that’s why I’m here on the ever wonderful Ficlets. Writing really is the best way to deal with all those bottled up feelings. Ficlets is the best place to do that because really no one knows what they heck you’re talking about and isn’t going to go around school spilling all your secrets. I also love the way that you can just publish random segments of a story that might pop into your head and see where they can go.

Comments, notes, prequels/sequesl are all greatly appreciated. I love signing on and seeing I’ve got a new comment or a new note. It just makes me SO happy :)

School’s started! Very exciting stuff happening now but lots of work. Feels good to be back and seeing all my people again.

A little about myself, I’m now a senior in high school (excited and scared out of my mind), I have 3 siblings all younger. I have 3 cats and a fish who absolutely refuses to die (he’s going to be 5 this summer). I think he’s a hitman for the mob the cats run in our neighborhood. Most (but not all) of my Ficlets are some how tied to the same guy (it gets obvious after a while). Really helps to move on when you just write about all the frustrations :) Now most of my ficlets will probably be about a new guy. Lol, I’m a teenage girl. What else am I going to write about :P

I’m the executive secretary of the band at my school. I play alto sax and bass clarinet. I used to play alto clarinet but our new director didn’t want to use it this year :( I can be REALLY random sometimes and I think I may be a bit crazy (at least that’s what everyone tells me. I’m not sure though).

Note to everyone; if a crazy old lady tries to be the president of any type of booster association for any activity make sure that she isn’t. She will ruin EVERYTHING. Just in case it ever happens to any one else.

If I post a comment multiple times I’m saying sorry in advanced. My computer is ridiculously slow sometimes and forces me to press the button 5 million times. If not it comes to life and eats the closest thing made of rubber. Or is it plastic? Anyways I’m very sorry for the random comments that may or may not be posted several times.

6/4/07 – 300 Comments (Still only 30 Ficlets)
6/24/07 – 400 Comments (I made it to 45 Ficlets woo hoo!)
6/30/08 – 500 comments (almost 80 Ficlets)
7/6/08 – 700 comments (where did 600 go? lol)
8/13/08 – 800 comments (so close to 100 Ficlets)
9/14/08 – 900 comments (still really close to 100 Ficlets)
9/20/08 – 100 Ficlets (YAY!!!!!)
9/26/08 – 1000 comments (woo! commenting-holic!)
11/9/08 – 1100 comments (so many random comments that probably make no sense, woo!)
11/18/08 – 1200 comments (this rocks!)
11/21/08 – 1300 comments (yes I stayed home commenting rather than go see Twilight)
11/23/08 – 1400 comments (and still only 136 ficlets. Talk about dispoportionate, lol.)

My Series
Janice and Kyle Series: My current series. Follows a teenage writer as she goes through the trials and tribulations of life (don’t that sound familiar ;) )

The Band Incident: My first real series. Also my first completed one. Yay! Most say its like a band soap opera and if you happen to know me you might just find yourself in it :)

All my other Ficlets fall into one of three categories:
Random Ficlets somehow related to one guy
Random Ficlets somehow related to another guy
and Just plain old random Ficlets
(Maybe one day I’ll make some elaborate chart figuring which Ficlet falls into what category. Who knows?)

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