Ridcully Calvert

I have decided to stop flirting with writing, and am making a start at a “real” novel. Well, a sci-fi story for kids in my native language.

So wish me luck, and I’ll check back here from time to time.


I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children.

I am a programmer by trade, and have always had a fixation with science fiction.

I play around with writing all of the time, and really enjoy banging out the odd (and sometimes very odd!) ficlet.

I am proud to be a member of the league of awesomeness, and am known as the Supreme Vice Arbiter of Awesomeness

Current Series
GlobTrak Diaries with the most awesome John Perkins and the ghost of Steve Fairweather (on hiatus)
Starts at

Merger Mayhem Some family misadventures. Ultra-short (3 installments), and has a rating of no under 18’s
Starts at

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