I’m a former psychology student who’s swapped experimenting for software development. So now I get to break software for a living. Meanwhile I’m enjoying Ficlets, as writing short stories is always more fun for me than trying to put together anything huge.

Ficlets Tools!
A small selection of useful tools that I’ve created to improve your Ficlets experience.
Recent Ficlets Yahoo Pipe
Slightly enhanced version of the standard Recent Ficlets RSS feed.
Ficlets Filter
Greasemonkey script to remove any author you find annoying from the Recent Stories page.
Inspiration Link Builder
Want to write a story about any webpage you’ve found online? Now you can!

Most of the time, I don’t sequel my own work. It seems like a bit of a waste of opportunity to make an “official” version of any storyline. If you want to know what happens next in any of my stories…write it!

Got a 4-star rating from me and want to know what you’re doing wrong? Probably nothing at all. Here’s my rating system…
5: Brilliant, one of the best things I’ve seen here for a while. Don’t expect these often.
4: Good, solid work, just missing that something that elevates it to a 5. A quick rewrite could handle that. If I’m going to rate at all, it will probably be a 4.
3: Also very rare, this means “not great at the moment, but the potential is amazing”. If you’ve had a brilliant idea, but you’ve over-written it or you should really have run it through the spellcheck first, this is what you’ll get.
2: Never given. If I don’t like your work, I won’t comment or rate in the first place, as there’s no point in hurting anyone’s feelings.
1: Given only to people who are clearly gaming the system, for example by sequeling the current featured ficlet with something atrocious just to ride the coat-tails of that author’s success, or writing something completely inappropriate to the site (gratuitous profanity or pornography). Never given to a good-faith attempt.
0: I forgot to add a rating when I commented. Sorry! I probably still like your story!

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