Cat the Dancing Mouse: A Philosophical Exploration of the Pen Name That Rocked Your Socks...And a New Contest: *CLOSING DATE ANNOUNCED*

Cat the Dancing Mouse. It makes as much sense as two peas in a pod, as peapods never have two peas. Of course, I am refering to the words themselves in nominitive form, and the person, moi.
My name, in reality, is Cat, short for Catherine.
When I started ficlets, my pen name and “username” if you will, was Anonymous Mouse, as I wanted to be anonymous and was reading the sequel to Stargirl, whose “first first name” was Pocket Mouse.
Furthermore, the famous Tom and Jerry tv show was the original Cat chase Mouse, bring to fame this foodweb.
With my almost complete name, Cat the Mouse, I went to the Newspapers for my inspiration. One of my favorite Newspaper writers, Tom the Dancing Bug added the one missing word: Dancing.
So Cat the Dancing Mouse is now Dancing through Life down at the Ozdust with Dog the Sitting Parrot.
Contest: Write a sequel of this title (your pen name here): A Philosophical Exploration of the Pen Name That (use your own saying). Slapstick histeria is a must.
Good luck!

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