heartbeats echocho

i kinda stumbled onto ficlets by accident, soo ficlets sorta found me…corny i know…
reading just a few entries i thought, ‘this could be fun!’
i figured that i need to sharpen my skills…or rather, lack thereof. i’m hopeing ficlets will give me the edge i need to become a better writer…well, here’s hopeing so

As of January 18th, I was welcomed into the highly esteemed League of Awesomeness…ha-ray everybody! okay…I am now the Duchess De La Awesome. Feel free to call me Duchess whenever you don’t refer to me as Echo…lol : ]-

love it!:
the bands…skillet, flyleaf, paramore, blueprints of the heart, relient k, fall out boy, & hellogoodbye(’s here in your arms)
watching my bro play b-ball
my friends
my family
music videos(fuse tv)
my local radio station(whoo! the Q 99.7)
the smell of rain
watching it snow
The Bigget Loser
did i say music?
that I, heartbeats echocho, is corny-like-the-sun-shines-so-bright-it-makes-your-eyes-hurt-if-you-stare-at-it.
(which is soo much more corny then lil miss-not-as-corny-as-me-but-she-keeps-insisting-she-is Emotes)

hate it!:
being home on fridaynights when theres concerts & games to go to
when im listening to my fav song on the radio & someone changes the channel (come ON man!!)
low-fat icecream(what the heck?!)
icecream that melts then freezes again(it’snot the same after that… : [ )
shoveling first thing in the mornings after i watch it snow
when peeps don’t comment on my stuuuufffff!!
when somebody accuses me of not being corny

Oh, so now you’re the ‘goddess of corniliousness’?
I never said I was a goddess so you can’t say ’ Echo is not the goddess of whatever-you-said, I am!’
And accusing me of lying?
That cuts deeply Emotes.
I apollogize for hurting you, as you say I have. I had no knowledge I had done so, because I am too corny to attempt hurting a friend. :(
But really E, an imposter?! That is soo low…this is…WAR!
Let the Corny War begin….

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