Omigod omigod you guys! Its been, what, a month since I was on this mad crazywebsite?! Well, I hope to continue with the series I’m making thanks to John Perkins challenge, “Make someone’s day challenge,”
and the person that wrote the story. Its about this girl who dies and goes to heaven! Check it out:

Anyway, There are many books I would like to read before I graduate (Class of ‘09, WOOT WOOT!) like:
Gossip Girl
TTFN and all of those books
So many more (I’m a little brain dead right now)

Back to writing. SinceI ‘m still young (could you tell by my ninja icon?), I know I have a lot to learn about life, skills, educations, etc, so my stories won’t be as good as some of the other show offs on this website. (Oh, you know I don’t mean it!) But when I write, like theres a different, more outgoing person thats not afraid to do anything that starts controlling my fingers and makes me type these stories! I hope this year in LA I don’t get in trouble for expressing my feelings to much :/
So, yea, please read my stories and leave comments, cause I j’adore those things!

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