Ficlet the 200th and the DOUBLE CHALLENGE!

The time has come, the grand milestone of which all who see it shall say “woe is me, for not completing as many ficlets as Stovohobo!” (Excepting Laine and a few others, of course, hehe.).

Anyway, I have indeed reached 200 ficlets, and this is a testament to my endless turning-out of crap each and every day. This, in fact, is the beginning of challenge the third in the epic series, and so, this one shall be the most grueling. Beware, faint-hearted, for you may not survive a challenge of this magnitude.

I beseech you to go, go all the way back to places you never wanted to enter before, all the way back…TO YOUR FIRST FICLET ! Yes, the ficlets that make us lose sleep, the ficlets we hope none will ever stumble upon.

Your challenge is to sequel it! Okay, if you’ve already done that, no worries! This challenge comes in two parts.

The second part that you may wish to do instead is to write ficlet (or series) in a genre that you haven’t dared to cross. An example is my obvious failure at romance.

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