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Today I was given some shocking news. Ficlets is in the process of dying and I am in mourning. Never before have I seen people bond so strongly and personally over creativity and the energy and emotions it fuels. The extremely high level of writing and ideas that Ficlets enabled everyone to create is a testament to how it brought us all together for the passion we all shared for writing.

I will never forget Ficlets. I will miss it dearly, as will I miss all of you. The wonderful friends I have made and the inspiration you all gave me. For that I say thank you. I am forever grateful.


Number One for a while there…

My Top 10 Ficleters:
1. Stovohobo
2. THX 0477
3. Kermitgorf
4. Laine P. Grey
5. Alexa
6. HowieAmourscow
7. Nick
9. Ana Christina
10. Batak Beatrix

Some days I’m just not sure who I am or what I like to do. I am about to leave behind everything I have ever known and venture out into a place that both terrifies and excites me. I am worried. I don’t know what to expect yet I have too many expectations. I want to reach my goals. I will be devastated if I don’t. I just want a definitive answer about what the future is like.

What if what I have been working towards my whole life just isn’t where I’m headed or where I’m supposed to end up?

“Virtual Reality” Series:

“Blood” Series:
[with the help of THX 0477]

“Henri et Nicòle” Series:
[started by Laine P. Grey]

“Meeting Lessons” Series:

“The Phone Addiction” Short Story [4 Parts]:

Highly Recommended/Favourite
Blake and Simon Series:
[written by Howie, Nick and CMTKOM]

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