Blossom Ruoquen

Right Now In My Life I’m going at the world with a pick-ax and a paper-clip, wanna help? I love …. just, I love. Everyone in general, really. I miss … I miss. You know who I miss: My dearest Lorie sissy-poo! That’s who!

For The Future I plan to continue my education and become a veterinarian assistant...Hah! what a load of crock! I hate school. They’re false attempts at teaching, for what? A future in the workforce where they control your life…..again…..’til you’re old enough to retire, and then what do you do? Warn kids to not get so wrapped up in school!! I’m going to be a writer of some kind. I’ve been playing the violin since I was seven and I love it, therefore clears throat for important announcement I’m going to play at weddings and such!

My Life In the General Is a pretty good life compared to a lot of peoples’, for which I’m oh so thankful. My sister and I have climbed on business wood yards and construction sites, we’ve gone snowboarding and surfing and ridden King Da Ka (or however you spell that dismal name) We’ve traveled all over and recorded songs, We’ve learned to play the violin and wrote many poems, We’ve been in a parade and touched a horseshoe crab and a stingray, We’ve danced on roofs and dressed up as fairies (scarves and all) and pranced around Oregon and DC, We’ve run away from home for a whole 15 minutes and gotten lost on a mountain in Kentucky, We’ve ridden pigs as babies and milked goats (goat ice cream is surprisingly good). We’ve sang at the top of our lungs in the middle of a store, and we’ve explored the ‘employee only’ areas of many hotels and convention sites, We’ve been peed on by lions and chased by wild dogs, we’ve rescued baby animals and won first place in book reading competitions. I promise to continue making memories in honor of my sister.

P.S. Ficlets is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.
Rabid starfish are compelling me to say that I’m sending 5 friendly people lovebites with instructions attached (smiles winningly)

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