20 Ficlets: This Calls For A Challenge

Now I know it’s common folklore and tradition that when a ficlet writer comes of age: has written 100 ficlets – it is their duty to celebrate by inflicting…I mean by inspiring fellow Ficleters by issuing a challenge.
Seeing as I am new to this and am of the more avant-garde lifestyle, I have decided to go against the trend.

What’s that you say?! Someone defying the unwritten rules of this sacred website?!

Yes, yes I know it’s frightening but in time, you will come to see that I am not rebelling against tradition but rather starting early. I will issue a challenge for every 20 ficlets I write…thus in 4 challenges time, I will have written 100.

Hurry up and tell us the challenge, artistsrunwild.

Alright, keep your pants on.
My challenge is this:
Write a ficlet focused on one or more REAL phobias.

I will post a sequel with an example. The more obscure phobia the better.
Winner [and 2nd, 3rd, HC] will be announced on the 3rd Nov – when I have a break in exams.

So, my ficlet friends – GET WRITING !!

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