I have an education in Radio Broadcasting, a career as a Musician, and an interest in Juggling. My grasp of standard English isn’t amazing, but I’m working on it.

The plan, right now, is to write at least one ficlet a day, while trying to vary the genre and style of the scenes I write as much as possible.

Although I like the idea of a series, the idea of a single moment being captured and abandoned is more exciting to me than laying down a connecting sequence of scenes… but I’m doing some sequels anyway!

I love feedback and comments, and I would love for you to add to scenes I’ve written if you should feel so led.

Thanks for your time.

Songs of the Week (June 22-28; 2008)
SundayCowboys by Counting Crows
MondayMisread by Kings of Convenience
TuesdaySentimental Heart by She & Him
WednesdayPity and Fear by Death Cab for Cutie
ThursdayHands Away by Interpol
Saturday -

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