The Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

This very ficlet marks my 600th. But I’m proudest of my amount of comments – I recently got to 1400. Thanks to the supremely awesome League of Awesomeness for inspiring us to be as prolific in our commenting as we are in our ficleting.

Hmm, what momentous challenge can I construct for you ficleteers? It feels like everything’s been done already, so coming up with challenges nowadays is, well … challenging. :D

So here’s my challenge: You must write 1 ficlet that includes the following ten facts about yourself:

1.) Year you were born.
2.) Name of your first pet.
3.) Name of the city in which you were born.
4.) Name of your best friend.
5.) Title of your favorite book.
6.) Lyric/title from one of your favorite songs.
7.) Your favorite number.
8.) Your nickname.
9.) Subject you love(d) the most in school.
10.) Title of your favorite sitcom.

The ten facts can used in any order, but DO NOT bold them. The task of your readers is to see if they can find the clues.

Your deadline is July 1st. Happy ficleting!

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