“Beware of people who tell you to be realistic; they are really trying to tell you to stop dreaming”
-Manuel Barrera

Adventured Some
Traveled Some
Laughed lots

I enjoying writing. I find it very enriching.
I also have two children who I encourage to love writing and reading a much as I can.

My youngest BoyFightingDinosuar has his own series of short stories. He’s four years old and has yet to grasp the concept of the internet completely. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him other people read his stories, which I think is hilarious, but since we have so much fun writing them, I’m sure you will forgive us.

I actively encourage his imagination.

FYI, I try and copy the story word for word, so the grammer and syntax is that of a four year old.

Also he has a FanClub, and the Offical El Presidente is Mighty Joe Young.;) I’m the Secretary.

Anyone who comments on his story is welcome to join the BFD Fan Club ;) just drop me a note.

BFD series starts with “I’m not going to name it.”

I have a few series, which may or may not get finished anytime soon.
The one I have worked the longest one is Prosopagnosia,

Another which was based on my former job as a courier is:

Uexpected delivery which starts at

It’s my very first ficlet ever, Phil Sporlan sequels me, Thanks Phil!

Some of my series are:
Fairy tale challenge


I really apperciate everyones comments and love it when someone sequels me.

My current goal is 100 ficlets.

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