im an offical memeber of the LoA. name:
Energetically Imaginative Maiden


“You’re a long walk from the street,
and I’m dieing in this summer heat,
I hope like hell you’re waiting, waiting.”
—The Beach
All Time Low

im a writer who loves it so much i’ve been writing since ever and love it. i also love listening to music, watching, talking, lauhging, having fun, smiling.

my fav bands/singers that i luv in no special order:
Blink 182
Son Of Dork
all time low
fall out boy
we the kings
boys like girls
taylor swift
and tons others

HOBBIES ((if you can call them that, they’re more like obsesions)):

MUSIC must i explain?
writing stories, poems, songs, things that only make sense to me and the person that’s the best for me.
talking non-stop with my friends
laughing to a joke that make sense or not
smiling with friends or over a boy
dancing around with no reason

im in the series:

Hayley and Tyler with Never Explain

Faith and Bernard((Michael)) with .:band baby:.

Taylor and Scarlet series with OTOC

Drew and Macy with Blusparrow

Jasey and Zach with ○○♥Promises Broken & Backs Turned♥○○

Copernuis and Genevieve with Stovohobo

FEEL FREE to sequal any of my stories. just not seires. the only series you can randomly sequal is the Hayley and Tyler series cuz it’s pretty much just me soooo idc. Have Fun!!!

if you want to ask a question, start a series, just want to talk or anything…NOTE ME and i’ll get back to you asap!

AHHH i have been love bitten!!!! thnxs ever so much .:band baby.:! lol

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