I’m a single guy in my early 40’s with a great career as a software developer. I live in a great house overlooking Galveston bay in a wonderful city that I love. I’m a weekend karaoke fiend, part-time graphic artist and boating fanatic. I probably have things better than I deserve.

I’ve been interested in anything art or creative my whole life and am very fortunate that I get a chance to use this skill at work from time to time.

I’ve always been a Sci-Fi buff and I love both manga and Amine. Now I’m trying my hand at creating it.

Here are the story threads I’m working on:

A hard boiled, cyber-noir thriller set in a near future Houston, Texas.

Here are my completed threads:

Alex in Wonderland
Written with JenUnique
A zany, over-the-top, time travel back to the 80’s romp.

The Möbius Strip
Chapter One::God is in the TV
What happens when an all seeing, omnipotent, race comes upon an unforeseen event?

I’m always interested in your feedback, comments (+/-), and/or prequels/sequels.

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