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I’ve been love-bitten! YAY!

First challenge is up! Happy Birthday Ficlets challenge!

I enjoy:
Nature, rainy days, sunrises, the look I get from classmates that says “OMG WHAT A FREAK! I CANNOT believe she’s my classmate!” , paradoxes, oxymorons, happy endings, fantasy novels, the musty smell of old paperbacks, the way baby soap smells, commas, the smell of rain, music; especially Celtic, classical, rock (the lighter, slower stuff), and anything from Josh Groban; pastel colors, rolling down grassy hills, school, reading, writing, singing, talking to friends, long emails, and playing the flute.

I dislike:
Closed minds, writer’s block, people who judge others before they know them, one/two word answers to a deep question, when people answer “I don’t know” when you ask for their opinions, double negatives, people who strive to be other people.

I believe the sane ones are those who dare to be crazy.

Chief Awesome StarGiver of Awesomeness!

I admire (and occasionally envy) the work of the following Ficleteers (In no particular order):
T.F. Torrey
Laine P. Grey
THX 0477
Alexis DeHearts

PLEASE, if you would kindly rate anything of mine that you read, I would much appreciate it. If it sucked, I want to know that! Comments are also wonderful. I do the same for you, just so you know.

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