I’m Music-Hearted. That’s not my real name, but that’s okay. It might as well be. I reside in Suburbia, USA, along with millions of lost teenagers like myself, and go to a high school like millions of others.

I still can’t really believe that this is ending. I’m going to miss everyone and everything on Ficlets so much. Anyway, if you’d like to keep in touch, feel free to IM me at musicxhearted. Just let me know that you’re from Ficlets.

I love music. I love theater. I love writing and thinking and feeling and laughing and contemplating and much, much more.

I’m flawed. I’m a thespian and a tragedian. I’m emotional and overly dramatic at times, but I’m doing my best to take things in stride. I could say I know exactly who I am, but that would be a lie. I’m still figuring a lot out, but who isn’t?

Feel free to sequel/prequel any of my ficlets! Seriously. Also, if you want to start a series or something, just drop me a note.

I’m a member of the LOA, which is superawesome. My title is the Mistress of Relentless Musings.

...Let’s talk sometime.

Song of the moment: Neutral Milk Hotel- “Two Headed Boy, Part 2”

Shay and I wrote a series about two high schoolers, Kacey and Jack, and their friendship. But will it become something more? Find out!

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