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Hi there! I am, as shown by my total addiction to this sight, an aspiring author and poet, and Ficlets is definately helping me reach that goal. All you guys on here are so nice and awesome writers! I love just reading everyone else’s stuff.

I love comments (who doesn’t?)- they give me a nice, loved feeling :). I try to comment as much as possible on other’s works, because usually they deserve it. If you want to sequel my work, number one: Yay!, number two: Go ahead! and number three: please drop me a note so I can go read it!!

I am a freshman in high school who enjoys writing (doy), art, reading, cracking jokes, hanging out with my friends, movies, the internet, and acting.

I promise that if I ever publish a book (fingers crossed!) I will mention and thank this site and everyone on it. :)

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