Aegis/Marauders Stories

Here they all are, in approximate reading order. – Trapped in the Desert – Solar Arrival – A Clean Getaway – Aegis Library – Marauded! – Car Talk – Kiss and Ride – Cars in the Water – Mechanical Employees Only – I Want to Be a Decepticon


Bachelor’s Degrees in Mass Media and Computer Information Systems, 4 years phone customer service and tech support experience, excellent writer, looking for work.

Robotech & animé fan, runs a Robotech-related podcast on Also does a literary podcast called The Biblio File, on which I interviewed Kevin Lawver of Ficlets:

Ficlets Thoughts

JUST BECAUSE I WRITE SEQUELS TO MY OWN WORKS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID TO JUMP IN YOURSELF. Please do NOT be afraid of “contaminating” my work. Incorporating the works of others into one’s stories is part of the challenge of ficlets, and part of the reason I write here. If I wanted to write the story all by myself, I’d go to where I don’t have the 1K length limit. Sequel any of my works at any time, PLEASE! At very worst, if I don’t like it, I’ll just write my own sequel instead. I won’t get mad at you for “contaminating” it or messing anything up, honest!

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