uselessness is one of 300 million Americans on a planet with 6.5 billion individuals, and as such, is nothing special.

Some series of mine (many unfinished) that you might want to read…

33207Night of the Living Marxists!
A horrifying tale of undead communists and awful one-liners. A solo project, still in progress.

27554Margie’s War
British national Margie’s life is turned upside-down when when she’s pulled into a secret life of espionage against the Nazis. With Russell Ruffino, unfinished.

25736The Princess Bride Alternate Ending
What would happen if Westley really had died in the Pit of Despair? Solo project, unfinished.

25398There’s Something About Jodi
The misadventures of bumbling nancy-boy Jordan and his quest for true love. With thebetweenspace and Ana Cristina. Complete!

25286Digital Dawn
If artificial intelligence ever came to power, this is my guess as to how it would happen. Solo project, unfinished.

17820Poe and Twain and the Dastardly Device
Sort of a steampunk comedy starring the unlikeliest of characters. With Hobo Beard Bob, Ben Paddon, Russell Ruffino, and TreeBeard. Unfinished.

15129Fear and Loathing on the Edge of a Building
The 21st-century adventures of dangerous people, action and intrigue. With Eckhouse, unfinished.

2007The Last Roughneck
The future of mankind is held in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, where only the toughest survive. Solo project, unfinished.

1440Trouble in Lake Derry
When people start dying in small-town America, it’s up to Jefferson Trestlehorn to get to the bottom of things. With RicoLaser, unfinished.

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