Ben Paddon

If you were to ask me what I am, I’d tell you that I’m a Writer. If you were to ask me what my job is, I’d tell you that I’m a Project Coordinator for Disney ABC. I was born in Milton Keynes, England back in 1986, moved to Luton when I was 3, and then moved to Los Angeles shortly after my 21st birthday purely because I could.

I’m the creator and Head Writer for Jump Leads, a Scifi-comedy webcomic which can be found at I’m also the Webcomics Guru at, offering advice to people who are looking to get into Webcomicry. A while back, I helped the guys at online geek show ./shutdown ( in a capacity that some might call Script Consultant. I was a former columnist and Editor-in-Chief at, and columnist and co-founder of

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