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read some of betsy’s story’s.. they’re really good..

Favorite book quote
The trick is to be like Robinson Crusoe. Wherever you find yourself shipwrecked you build a temporary home out of leaves and sticks. You use hollowed out coconuts for lemonade glasses or to make string bikinis you will never ever wear. You use sand and water. You make mud for no reason. Whatever’s lying around, you use it. But the trick is you build everything so flimsy that it has to fall apart. And when it does it looks like an accident, like unfortunate circumstances, or bad luck or timing. And that’s your way out. Then you go get shipwrecked somewhere else and start building again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Why these are tricks, I do not know.
from Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Works in Progress

-Dead Rabbit, Hungry Bear
Messed up in murder.

A girl with messed-up dreams goes to a new school. On her first day, she meets a guy named Parker. with Shay..

-Failed Nanowrimo Contest Entry (not finished in time)
When people hear the phrase “moving things with my mind,” they typically become afraid.

A terrifying event is sweeping the country, that can only be titled as.. control. with Racing

A wall to keep people inside.. a bomb to let people escape.. with help from penguincaptain18

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