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I hope I can come back soon…

Featured Ficlet: December 7th, 2007: Simon the Not-So-Intelligent Designer:

I’m very strange…but I don’t like to talk about myself much.

So, just read my ficlets and comment me with specific input, especially if you rate them, and I’d love it if you’d write a sequel/prequel for them.

I’m about to start a new “chapter” in my ficlets life, so to speak. If you see the word “experimant” (intentionally misspelled, in case I want to make a ficlet about experiments/sci-fi) in my tags, then that ficlet is part of my…well, experiment. :D Enjoy!

And another thing, you’re welcome to participate in the experiment, sequels/prequels and comments are greatly encouraged. (I’m taking a risk with these, so feel free to take a risk as well!)

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