Stovohobo’s Challenge the Fifth…No, Sixth? Something. Anyway, It’s About Your Tag Cloud:

Want to start a series with me? Note me and let’s do it! (I’m sorta forgetful about sequeling, though, so you might have to remind me once in a while). =)

Never ever ever ever ever EVER EVER be afraid to sequel my junk.

Many of these series have not been finished, whether I forgot about them or just got bored of them. Some of them are only a few ficlets long. Feel free to extend them, and note me about it if you want to; I’d love to read them!

Some Individual Ficlets of Mine


What Peter Did

The Virtue Theory

And the Kitties Danced the Night Away

Murder Dialogue

Cold Killer

My Six-Word Memoir

Man-Made Armageddon


Series and Junk

Overload with g2
All operations on future Earth are controlled by computers. When every computer on earth purposefully overloads, it kills every human on Earth. All but one.

New Girl (Or, As I Like to Call It: The Conformist Series)
Boy meets girl, blah blah blah. You get it.

Transmissions 1-4
A cryptic story told through experimental computer communication.

The distinguished figures of history are joined by an unknown force that acts also in the life of Brian on 9/11/01. Suddenly he finds himself in the future with this mysterious organization.

Heaven Help Us with ○○♥Promises Broken & Backs Turned♥○○
Two teenagers die in a car crash and meet in heaven.

The Comprehensive (Compressed) Guide to Middle School Life

Copper and Ginny with Overlooked_Merchandise

Speed vs. Still with Never Explain:
Tyler and Max are two friends living in the dystopian city of Rade, with time-and-physics-bending abilities.

Speed Vs. Still II with Never Explain:
Tyler returns to Rade to take revenge on the Elders.

Addison and the Wooden Man with Never Explain and Tad Winslow:
Addison lives on a farm with a disinterested old man. While he is there, a strange scarecrow starts to lead him down dark and unnatural paths.

Adam and Anthony:

Graden and Emilia with Never Explain:
Graden, the angel of death, has a new assignment: a woman named Emilia.

The Happy Torture Tests (the Psychology One) with THX and Never Explain
A man is subject to torturous experiments in the name of psychology, continually trapped inside freakish scenarios in his own mind.

Brass Eagle (Officially finished as of 9/13/2007):
Brass Eagle and his team of ragtag heroes attempt to undermine the creepy-evil Caretaker’s work on his island.

New Adrien (Sequel to Brass Eagle series) (finished as of 11/??/07):
It’s been 10 years since the attack on the island, and Brass Eagle’s team has split up. The Caretaker returns in a very different way.

Vampire Prison:
A small compound has been set up on Greenland, where the vampire kind are detained and abused in a concentration camp setting. One vampire attempts to escape.

Endless Corridor:
Dali has been assigned to work on the Endless Corridor, a project with no apparent purpose other than monumental. The Grand Marshall soon reveals his intent.

Prince Hugo (started by blueyedwonder’s “It Was a Dark and Stormy Cliche):
Prince Hugo gains the kingdom right after his father dies, and sets out to avenge his father with the hornless unicorn Gilly. A medieval farce.

Frozen in Fransisco:
A band of survivors try to survive in the frozen out wasteland of San Fransisco.

Death: Really Quite Nice Once You Get To Know Them with MBTM, Fyora Cartagan, Yeah Write!:
It’s not easy being the harvester of souls.

Not so According to Plan with Exhalted Truth:

Mysterious letters are sent out to seemingly unrelated people who disappear shortly, leaving no trace behind.

Praha Matka Mest: The Mother of Cities:
The CIA and numerous others, legitimate or not, conflict over Derrick, a blind man excellent at detection, in the city of Prague (go commas!).

Farvus the Dragynslayer:
Farvus is sent out to do battle with the fearsome Dragyns sent by the Alchemysts. His father (coincidentally, the king) is rather forgetful and doesn’t seem to care much. Another farce.

Train of Thought:
An old man boards the physical Train of Thought and travels through its many dream-world cars to save his granddaughter.

C U L8R with OTOC, Alexa, and various other sequelers:
A girl receives threatening instant messages from a mysterious individual. Things only get stranger as the paranormal and criminal meet.

Kyra and I:
Girls. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t…well, you know.

Burtininkas Richards and Wednesday Thomas with Laine P. Grey:
Two magicians attempt to outplay each other in a murderous game of cat and mouse.

Orphan Found started by and continued with OTOC:
A woman adopts a child only to be encountered by its young mother who had left it behind.

Mini Series

Death to the Innocents (written through prequels):
The story of the Hiroshima atomic bombing from the Japanese perspective. Written backwards, through prequels.

Entries 17, 18, 19, 20:
Strange dreams conflict inside a man’s head as he tries to make sense of them through journal entries.

A List of Pet Peeves:
• When people spell “whoa” like “woah” or “yeah” like “yea.”
• When shirts say “LaX” on them and I automatically think of laxatives.
• The feel of chlorine after you dry off.
• Going to bed earlier than you usually do and waking up later than the previous day.
• Wasting the day away on the computer or being inside.
• People using IM speak in real life or in handwritten notes.
• MySpace, IM, text messages, etc. I got ‘em, then don’t use them because I don’t like being bothered.
• Humidity.
• Bugs during humidity.
• No choice but to run when it’s buggy and humid.
• People calling me pessimistic for having a long list of pet peeves. =)

Things I Like:
• Having self-imposed lock-in “Heroes” DVD marathons in my basement (new TV=frikkin sweet!)
• New find:
• Wasting the day away on the computer or being inside.
• Marathons of “Ninja Warrior” on G4.
• Going over to my friend’s house and not caring about laughing at Saturday morning cartoons.
• Dissing Disney Channel.
Calvin & Hobbes.
• Dominating, via luck, an activity that no one thought you could dominate in.
• Debating (and winning).
• Frisbees.
• Soccer.
• Comments and Sequels/Prequels.
It’s a word definition game—for every word you correctly define, the organizations behind it send 10 grains of rice for world hunger. I would think the people here at ficlets could do this just fine.

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