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400 ficlets! 10/10/08

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Arsonist (with ALRO613) Completed!
Who doesn’t love fire?

HIM series
HE asks her to meet HIM at the Kissing Tree! Find out what happens!

Autumn and Justin
It’s the first serious relationship for both of them!

She fled her home and her mob-hunted husband, with only her child.

Kira and Marduke
begins with Newborn Hope
Series with Mighty-Joe Young
A young boy hatches a dragon and sets off to save his country from an evil viking King.

Wish completed
Short series with ALRO613
What would happen if all your selfish wishes came true?

Who Am I? completed
Mini-series with Wyatt Aapr
A girl with amnesia tries to remember, and finds out more than she wanted to!

based on Someday93’s ficlet: Maybe She Knew
(contributions by Mighty_Joe Young)
A girl’s life is turned upside down when a battle ensues for her custody, and her life!

Mission in Space Completed
based on RCYHAONI’s Promise (Parts 1&2)
(contribution by THX0477)
The Earth is in trouble!

Easy Target Completed
(Somehow it didn’t sequel the last three ficlets so it ends with:
Two fifth graders take things too far!
There is always a story inside my head. Sometimes I write it down.

I am addicted to Ficlets! I tend to neglect things like housework and bathing my children when I am Ficleting. Oops.

This year, my goal is to write, although my many jobs keep me very busy. I am planning on participating in NaNoWriMo in Nov. so don’t expect many Ficlets then!

I love dolphins, fish, small furry animals, big furry dogs, reading, writing, playing my DS, having a project to do, nap time(!), and perfect sunny days.

I have two new pet Painted Turtles! I rescued them from the dogs who thought they would make a great snack! My boys love watching and talking to them. :)

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Many Blogs! And your ficlets!

The Wish Giver (as a bedtime story)

I’m not ranting, I’m lamenting!

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